Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Round 2: Archive Bomb (Connie)

A la "War of the Worlds" broadcast fiasco, the Archive Bomb concept aims to raise awareness of
  1. broadcasting and its power over people's perception of the truth
  2. Beeld & Geluid and its archive materials
Archive material is imposed on everyday life in public spaces in a guerrilla warfare style. The effect should be explosive: surprising, disorienting, unexplained, and temporary. A bit of chaos stimulates reaction.

The bomb doesn't wait for people to discover the archive. If one is fooled by mis-information, meta-thoughts on broadcasting may occur (Who is projecting what message, for what reason, and to what end? What is truth?). The experience is short and less immersive: the consumption metaphor here would be snacking on a pretzel that was thrown at you.

An anonymous group of B&G bombers would be ideal, either akin to the fictional members of Gorillaz or to flash mob organizers. The ethics of hacking or pranking could be investigated to avoid terrorism. Constructing a bomb requires exploration of the archives.

Further elaboration and investigation are needed in several areas:
  1. Motivation (Can it survive outside a game context, or the safety of an event?)
  2. Current possibilities of implementation (mobile projection, multi-sensory expression, disposable?)
  3. Material to be exposed. A suggestion was that a commentary on current events could be made by exposing material from other times with similar conditions. It would be great to be more dynamic than projecting old buildings or reliving old stories, a la Tijdmachine project in Rotterdam.

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