Thursday, March 25, 2010

Round 03 : Collectibles

Research organized

I made a powerpoint presentation where the most important information is placed.There are still some stuff I need to fill in but that will come.

Most recent research is about emotions and personality traits. I did this research for inspiration to make some kind of game play system.

Game Play System

Theme is making a (godlike) avatar from fragmented behaviors which represent personality traits.
Before playing, the players "draw" their goal. The first to complete the goal has won.
Emotional Status has a starting point. This starting point is created out of the average from the collected fragments (deck).
Personality traits or/and actions "cards" have influances on the emotional status of the avatar.


Playing the game system with self made cards.

Plan for an experiment where I discover how people feel about a the fragment and how they would react to it. Going to implement it for next week.

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