Thursday, March 11, 2010

Computer-Brain Interfaces

I was at the UNMA (Utrechtse Nieuwe Media Avond) yesterday. The theme was "computer-brain-interfaces", which was quite interesting and scary at the same time. Besides the mostly medical possibilites (for example: deep brain stimulation, or mind controlled wheelchairs), there was also a Belgian artist, Chritoph De Boeck, who made a huge interactive sound installation. The steel pins that hammer on steel plates respond to your (EEG) brain activity, which is measured by the quite small and lightweight device on your head. The sounds eventually construct a rythem if you focus your attention on certain things, for example by constantly doing small mathematical calculations in your head. I tested the device myself after the presentation, unfortunately not in the installation, but i saw my brain activity on a screen, which was kind of weird too.

As you can see in the video, De Boeck uses the headset by IMEC Holst Centre. There's another company that created one especially for games: the Emotiv Epoc. Maybe this could be an interesting way to access an archive???

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