Monday, March 1, 2010

Round 02 Collectibles - Aeshta


The archive is mainly used for research and source material. Trying to think outside these goals I came a cross the the idea of a collection game.
To take the game away from the computers the game play should have the world itself as the playing field.
These 2 elements stimulates a community around the archive which in return keeps the archive more alive.

The game is about collecting fragments of the archive. These fragments are collected on a mobile interactive device, iPhone app, siftable and such.

The fragments can be sold, bought, stolen, traded and found. For example a way to "find" a archive fragment is done by using the Mobile Device and poles. These poles can be found in public spaces like libraries, theater, museums and concerts.

The game play can be either more like a card game or a treasure hunt. Both creating a situation where people need to work whit each other to get an social experience.

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