Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Response from the Archival World

Just found the website of a symposium on digital archiving organized by the Swiss Federal Archive in response to the changing methods of archiving and changing principles of archiving. The topics they organize are as follows:
  1. Archival profile: professional competence in the digital age
  2. What to keep: how to mirror the information society
  3. E-Archiving: reorganisation of processes and business models
  4. Online access: solutions and implications
If the archival profession is to successfully make the transition out of the 20th century, it will need to recognize that what gives an archives value is how it is used. In the last century, an archives may have derived status from the materials it preserved; in this century, it will derive value from the materials it provides access to–and that access will have to be online. -- from Kate @ Archives2.0
Web2.0 and archivists blogging
- Archives*Open - how archivists are thinking about Web2.0 and it's impact on their evolving profession
- ArchivesNext - Web2.0 and it's implications for archiving
- Archief2.0 (Dutch) - social network for archivists
Information on Digital Preservation
- Digital Preservation Europe

Online Archival Projects

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