Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dutch 'theater of the experience'

Dutch 'theater of experience' attempts to challenge the traditional roles and behavior modes of the audience. The attempt is made to shift the 'theater-goer' away from membership in an anonymous, silent, passive group towards a unique, questioning, active, and responsible individual. This challenge is based upon the assumption that as an audience member, one will submit to a given theatrical experience. This submissiveness allows actors to provoke or encourage audience members into asking critical questions about their relationship to the environment and to others around them. The stage is generally dismissed, and 'scenes' are often performed with the audience/individual in public space (reality) or in private/secluded environments.

Het Toneelhuis is quite well known for this type of performance. See if possible Het Sprookjesboordeel. As is the Amsterdam-based director Dries Verhoeven. See You are Here video below.

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